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Google Calendar RSS Invoice Creator

This AIR application "Hours" reads a RSS feed from Google Calendar in which every created appointment the number of hours worked for a client represents. Each appointment has to have a title with the project name. The application filters the data based on project name (not case-sensitive), duration of appointments and date. It produces a printable invoice and a text-based summary of hours worked on the project(s).
Additional features:

-'Take a break' identifier character that subtracts the number of hours you enter behind it
-Layout tab which gives you the possibility to create your own invoice layout

Use application

First install Adobe Integrated Runtime, which can be found here. To use the application for your own purpose you must first have a valid Google account and create a calendar. Be aware that the 'Hours' application is still beta and no responsebility can be taken for loss of data, or damage of whatever kind. When application starts it shows the RSS settings. You have to adapt these settings to let the RSS loader point to your Google Calendar RSS url.

-Install the 'Hours' application.
-Make a new Calendar in Google Calendar where you keep track of your hours worked on projects.
-Add an appointment to the Calendar, give it a project name and drag it down for it's duration.
-In Google Calendar go to [settings] -> [Calendars]
-Click on [edit settings] -> [Calendar details]
-Here you find in Calendar address a button [xml]
-If you click on this button you get a popup with the [rss address]
-this url has to be pasted in the applications RSS settings view to get the calendar entries in the application
-When your address is right and the application finds rss entries it will automatically switch to the Invoice view.
-Add the project name in the Project list and select it, select the right period and you should see a summary of the worked hours in the Invoice.
-If you click the 'Layout' button in the 'HTML' tab you can edit the layout of your invoice.
-If you click the 'Text Summary' tab you get a resume of your worked hours in text format.

have fun!


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